Finding the Best School for Your Child

A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right School A child’s education is a very high priority for most parents, but there are so many considerations. Of course, fees, cost of travel, and maybe even moving house have to be taken into consideration. This is a very big topic, so here are some suggestions. Research: What […]


What is a T-Level Vocational Qualification?

Explaining T-Level Qualifications The T-Level qualification is a new technical education route introduced in the UK, designed to offer students a vocational alternative to A-Levels. You may have heard of BTECs which they are designed to replace.  The T-Level is designed to give 16-18 year olds more work experience and more access to challenging vocational […]


Fun Spelling Rules

Making Spelling Fun One of the ways we can help students with their English is by having some fun with some commonly misspelt words. In many exams marks are allocated for spelling, it also builds confidence to know that you have spelt a word correctly without resorting to spellchecker. I had a rather eccentric school […]


Why Are They Banning Mobile Phones?

Why Schools are Banning Mobile Phones and What You Need to Know You might have caught wind of the new guidance from the government in the news or through other parents, but what’s the fuss about?  The guidance says that the government backs headteachers who choose to ban mobile phones from the school premises from […]


How Can TV Interfere WithYour Child’s Learning?

Does TV Help or Hinder? Most homes nowadays have more than one TV screen. They are part of the furniture and have been for two or maybe three generations. My dad was a TV repair man, so we were never without one when I was a child! However, at our education centre we advise parents […]


Building Resilience

Building Mental Resilience in Children The growing mental health crisis is a concern for all parents.  All parents want to encourage their children to be resilient. The pyschologist Jonathan Haidt has been doing a great deal of research in tracking the trends in child mental health.  He see the changes in parenting in the 90s, […]


Help with ADHD Children

Help and Advice for Children with ADHD Recently I read ‘The Boy Crisis’ by Warren Farrell, an American author who writes about family, the gender crisis and relationships.  Whilst not all children with ADHD are boys, the vast majority are, and he had some interesting things to say on the topic. Here are five tips, […]



What is Dyscalculia? Navigating your child’s educational journey can be a rewarding yet challenging experience. As your child progresses through school, you may encounter various learning differences. One such challenge is dyscalculia, a term you might have come across but might not fully understand. In this guide, we’ll explore what dyscalculia is, its possible indicators, […]


Bringing the Magic to Christmas in Fareham!

Magic, Prizes, Competition and Fun! I’m sure we have all been thinking about Christmas – it’s hard not to when the supermarkets already have their “seasonal” offers on display.  I’ve even heard a few Christmas songs being played on the radio!  To mark the start of this wonderful time of year we have a “Christmas […]


Navigating the UK Education System: A Friendly Guide for Parents

The UK Education System Explained (England) Hello, wonderful parents! If you’ve ever found yourself scratching your head over the UK education system, don’t worry; you’re not alone. Understanding the ins and outs of Key Stages, infant schools, primary schools, secondary schools, and sixth form colleges can seem like deciphering a secret code. Fear not, though […]


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What parents say...

“Thanks for all your hard work with Rebecca Kivlin. She has started Milton Cross this week. Rebecca is in the top set for maths and science, and the second group for everything else. Without coming to Love to Learn she would never have achieved this.  Thanks”    
Julie Powell
GCSE Maths
Alex says ” I learned more in three months than my whole time in the maths classroom at school. I went from dreading it to feeling much better about being there.” This Summer he was overjoyed to find that he had gone from a Grade 2 in his mocks up to a Grade 4 (C) pass in his final exam.  
“I would just like to say I have nothing but praise for I Love to Learn and all the tutors, not only has Dottie already improved with her maths work in the time she has been there but her confidence is so much better too. I want to thank you all so much, she has absolutely loved it, and without a doubt I would not hesitate in bringing her back.” Kayleigh (parent) 2021
Kayleigh Nutbeamparent
Private maths tutoring in Portsmouth , I Love To Learn is a professional education centre for 6-16 year olds. Great for SATs, 11+ or GCSE and all abilities.

“The GCSE Maths Tutors Are Great.”

T’anna came to us as her mum had seen us on Facebook and decided to call.  T’anna, now in year 10, had always struggled with her maths.   In four short months however, she has improved so much that, the school want to put her up for the Higher GCSE paper!!  Kerry, T’anna’s mum says ” She has come on leaps and bounds, I am so pleased with the progress. The tutors are great! It’s a convenient location and the assessment is easy to arrange.”

Kerry RobertsonParents
I would like to thank you for everything that you have done, and also pass on my gratitude from Lottie because she has learnt she has really benefited from and her confidence in maths has vastly improve, so much so that she now tells me that she looks forward to maths class at school!
Charlotte's parents
“Joshua got his GCSE results today and I just wanted to let you know how he got on. He got an 8 in English Language and a 7 in English Literature, he has always struggled with English and wouldn’t of been able to achieve these amazing grades without yours and Adam’s help, if you could please let him know how Joshua done. So once again thank you for all the work you did with him.” Emily (parent) 2021
Emily EvansparentI Love to Learn Portsmouth
winner “We had planned to stop the tutoring after the 11+ exam, but with the next lockdown and more disruption to her education, we quickly relented when she literally begged us to continue going! The sessions are adjusted to her needs and she describes them as ‘really fun’ and she likes it that the work is specific to her level and much more individualised than the class work at school.”
Penny Meeking
The way you teach is brilliant.  Kids really enjoyed working/learning with you.  Hope to be back next year.  Thank you once again
Mr & Mrs Renji
“I Love to Learn really helped me prepare for my entrance exam.  I give I Love to Learn 10/10.  I Love to Learn helped me understand pie charts, algebra and story writing.  I enjoyed coming to I Love to Learn and would love to come back in the future.”
-Ollie, Student in Portsmouth
Prezton has done really well and we are very proud of his achievement so thank you all again
Mrs A Laborde
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