Here are five tips, inspired by general advice for managing ADHD, that parents can consider.

What parents say...

We brought him to the centre in Year 6 because he just had no idea about maths.  This year won the ‘Most Improved in Maths’ certificate for his year.  He also came top of his class in 2 out of 3 maths exams.  Coming to here is the best thing we ever did!
Mr S White
“Our children have enjoyed their time at your tuition centre very much, and my wife and I have been incredibly impressed with your professional approach to tuition. Thank you so much for all you have done in making our kids feel comfortable, cared for and safe.” Mr Usuanlele.
Mr UsuanleleParent
“I Love to Learn really helped me prepare for my entrance exam.  I give I Love to Learn 10/10.  I Love to Learn helped me understand pie charts, algebra and story writing.  I enjoyed coming to I Love to Learn and would love to come back in the future.”
-Ollie, Student in Portsmouth
The way you teach is brilliant.  Kids really enjoyed working/learning with you.  Hope to be back next year.  Thank you once again
Mr & Mrs Renji
Thank you for your lovely card.  You have helped with my creative writing and vocabulary.  I have grown in confidence and I appreciate your help.
Alex had been tested in Year 4 for dyslexia and he came out mildly dyslexic for spelling.  He has a poor short term memory, and we were concerned about him going to Senior School with these problems. Alex started off a bit ‘anti’, but now he agrees that his writing is better and the improvement has been commented on by teachers.  We are so pleased he is getting professional help, and are especially pleased that he now see the benefit and is self-motivated. He now is now asking for help with his Maths too!
Mrs D Wilson
“Dear Howard Thank you so much for all these lessons you’ve been giving me!  They really have improved my work at school and now I can put all your help to good use with my SATs.  Thank you so much for everything! From Lewis”
Lewis (student)
“Thanks for all your hard work with Rebecca Kivlin. She has started Milton Cross this week. Rebecca is in the top set for maths and science, and the second group for everything else. Without coming to Love to Learn she would never have achieved this.  Thanks”    
Julie Powell
“Joshua got his GCSE results today and I just wanted to let you know how he got on. He got an 8 in English Language and a 7 in English Literature, he has always struggled with English and wouldn’t of been able to achieve these amazing grades without yours and Adam’s help, if you could please let him know how Joshua done. So once again thank you for all the work you did with him.” Emily (parent) 2021
Emily EvansparentI Love to Learn Portsmouth
We were super happy with your approach and B settled in so well. She looked forward to the tutoring and got a lot out of the sessions. Without a doubt her confidence has grown and I wouldn’t hesitate to use I Love to Learn again in the future. Many thanks, Cat
We are Super Happy!

Help with ADHD Children

Help and Advice for Children with ADHD

Recently I read ‘The Boy Crisis’ by Warren Farrell, an American author who writes about family, the gender crisis and relationships.  Whilst not all children with ADHD are boys, the vast majority are, and he had some interesting things to say on the topic.

Here are five tips, inspired by general advice for managing ADHD, that parents can consider.ADHD

1. Establish Consistent Routines:
– Create structured daily routines to help children with ADHD anticipate and manage their activities.
– Consistent schedules for meals, homework, playtime, and bedtime can provide a sense of stability and predictability.

2. Encourage Regular Exercise:
– Physical activity is known to have a positive impact on attention and behavior.
– Engage your child in regular exercise, such as sports, biking, or swimming, to help channel excess energy and improve focus.  It is important for parent’s to engage in activities with children.  Especially in what we would call rough-and-tumble play with fathers.   This Farrell claims, counter intuitively, helps the development of empathy and condifence.

3. Limit Distractions:
– Create a conducive environment for concentration by minimizing distractions.
– Designate a quiet study space, reduce screen time, and establish clear rules about electronic devices during homework or other focused activities.

4. Provide Clear Instructions:
– Break tasks into smaller, more manageable steps and provide clear, concise instructions.
– Using visual aids, charts, or written lists can help children with ADHD better understand and follow instructions.

Well done5. Implement Positive Reinforcement:

-Parenting styles can vary due to gender and family experience.  It is important that parents work as a team in this.

– Recognize and reward positive behaviors to motivate and reinforce good habits.
– Offer praise, encouragement, or small rewards for completing tasks, demonstrating self-control, or following routines.

It’s important for parents to work closely with healthcare professionals, educators, and specialists to develop a comprehensive and individualized approach for managing ADHD. While these tips draw from general advice on ADHD, specific strategies for each child may vary based on their unique needs and circumstances. Always consult with professionals who specialize in ADHD for the most accurate and effective guidance.

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