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“We also had a parent’s meeting at his school earlier this week.  I am pleased to say that his maths teacher was very impressed with not only his work, but also his attitude toward it.  I can only say that this is because of the wonderful service you and your colleagues have given.  Thank you so much for this.  Ellis is really enjoying his time with you and also seeing how well he is doing and this has resulted in a positive attitude towards learning.” James (parent) 2021
James Hannon
We were super happy with your approach and B settled in so well. She looked forward to the tutoring and got a lot out of the sessions. Without a doubt her confidence has grown and I wouldn’t hesitate to use I Love to Learn again in the future. Many thanks, Cat
We are Super Happy!
“Dear Howard Thank you so much for all these lessons you’ve been giving me!  They really have improved my work at school and now I can put all your help to good use with my SATs.  Thank you so much for everything! From Lewis”
Lewis (student)
She is a quiet girl and I was concerned that her poor spelling was not being corrected.  When she saw the progress Bella was making in such a short time, I enrolled her for Maths as well!   It has transformed her thinking and she now has the self-esteem to ask questions in both numeracy and literacy.
Ms R Temple
Thank you for all your support with our son, Thomas. His hand writing, spelling, maths and reading is progressing beautifully. I would highly recommend your setting to anyone who wishes to give their child a boost or to work on specific learning goals. It has been invaluable. All your tutors are warm, welcoming and professional and Thomas is always made to feel valued. Positive praise and lots of stickers, stamps, rewards, prizes and certificates give that extra special touch to reward and recognise the children’s efforts. Thomas is certainly always proud of his achievements from your centre.
Laura (Thomas’s mum)
“I would just like to say I have nothing but praise for I Love to Learn and all the tutors, not only has Dottie already improved with her maths work in the time she has been there but her confidence is so much better too. I want to thank you all so much, she has absolutely loved it, and without a doubt I would not hesitate in bringing her back.” Kayleigh (parent) 2021
Kayleigh Nutbeamparent
Thank you very much for your help and support in helping Tomek achieve his goals in English
Monica (Tomek’s mum)
Thank you for your lovely card.  You have helped with my creative writing and vocabulary.  I have grown in confidence and I appreciate your help.
“Thanks for all your hard work with Rebecca Kivlin. She has started Milton Cross this week. Rebecca is in the top set for maths and science, and the second group for everything else. Without coming to Love to Learn she would never have achieved this.  Thanks”    
Julie Powell
“Our children have enjoyed their time at your tuition centre very much, and my wife and I have been incredibly impressed with your professional approach to tuition. Thank you so much for all you have done in making our kids feel comfortable, cared for and safe.” Mr Usuanlele.
Mr UsuanleleParent

Common Questions About Our Tuition Services

Ask A Question And We Will Answer

In this article we answer some of the common questions that parents ask.  We hope that you will find it useful.

Is it One to One?

tutorsYes, but each tutor has four or five students at a time.  They are able to give each student one to one attention, even though they may be learning different subjects or be different ages.  Each week, the tutor will plan a individual programme for your child to help them with any areas of weakness.  Because all the planning and resources are prepared in advance, the tutor is able to teach each student something new each session.

Will you Come to Our Home?

No, all of our tutoring is done in our centres so your child has access to all of our learning packages and technology in an optimal learning environment, without any distractions.  Try homeschooltutoring…

Do You Do Online Tuition?

No, we do not have an online offer at the moment.  We feel that we can deliver the best quality lessons in person and we feel that children respond better when teachers are present infuntolearn the room.

How long will it take to solve my child’s problem?

Every child is different, so it’s important they come in for a FREE Assessment so we can come up with a plan and goals, for them to work towards. We don’t know how long it will take, but we promise to give you honest feedback about progress. Every session that your child attends is individually planned and adapted to suit their particular needs. We aim to unlock areas of difficulty as soon as we can for each child.

How do I know that my child will improve?

cut&stickWe guarantee to work with your child until they feel confident to flourish and no longer feel daunted by the problematic area. Combined with our expert tutoring, their school work and extra homework from us; your child will feel supported, encouraged and will make progress in the areas you are concerned about.

Can you tutor my child with a Special Educational Need?

We are not a SEN centre, but because we tailor our lesson plans to the specific needs of each child we have taught children with diagnosed ADHD, Aspergers, Dyslexia, Autism and others in the past.  If your child falls into one of these categories it’s very important you get in touch and set up an interview with us and an assessment. Then, we can establish whether we can effectively tutor your child.

Our Portsmouth Centre has wheelchair access and the use of a disabled toilet. We want to offer the best for all the children we tutor, so this is a very important process.  We are always willing to go the extra mile regardless of any special need. Please call for more details.

If you have a question or concern why don’t you email us at tutors@ilovetolearn.co.uk

Please find more FAQs here…

Maths or English Tutors Wanted

Tutor Role and Responsibilities


tutorWe are looking for excellent and enthusiastic tutors to teach part time after school and/or Saturday mornings.

You would be tutoring children 6-16 in maths and English in either one of our dedicated, OFSTED registered, education centres.  They are located in Havant, Portsmouth and Fareham.

We provide full training-so you do not need to be a maths or English specialist.

All resources provided in the centre- take nothing home.

Flexible sessions to suit you.


Pay is based on the number of students taught in a session or sessions.  This can be up to £37.50 per hour.

Find out more about I Love to Learn Professional Tuition Here…

Qualifications and Education Requirements

Qualified Teacher Status

DBS Cleared

Preferred Skills

Classroom Experience

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GCSE Maths Success in Only 3 months!

GCSE Maths Grade 2-4 in Three Months

Alex had always found maths difficult at school. He found himself in Year 11, dreading the thought of taking his GCSE maths exam. He enrolled with us for maths tuition with just three months to go and attended two lessons a week to try to catch up. It was the repetition and individual attention that he found very helpful. Alex says, “I learned more in the three months than my whole time in the maths classroom at school. I went from dreading it, to feeling much better about being there.” This Summer he was overjoyed to find that he had gone from a Grade 2 in his mocks up to a Grade 4 (C) pass in his final exam.

Maths funNow he is at Portsmouth College studying his A levels and very happy! Howard Jones, his tutor, said, “Alex was a very motivated student and knew what he wanted. I was able to channel this energy into a really positive direction. If students are prepared to put in the work, it is amazing how quickly some targeted one-to-one tutoring can make a difference in many cases.”

We had to go right back to the level of maths that Alex could cope with. We then focused on drilling his number work to improve his fluency and arithmetic (remember, at least one of the papers is non-calculator). Each lesson, we also completed a set of mixed questions which analyzed areas of weakness. These were matched each lesson with GCSE-type questions which we repeated until Alex could answer them independently for himself. As the exam got closer, we then focused more on exam-type questions, making sure we repeated each one to give Alex maximum confidence.


How we teach maths…

We recommend Corbett maths for revision…

Celebrating our GCSE Results!

Congratulations Everyone!
Well done to all our GCSE students who took their exams this summer.  It was an outstanding pass rate.  Special mention to Ella who was predicted an F for two years but got a C on the day!  Also Alex who went from Grade 2-Grade 4 in just three months.

Amber E. 6(B) in English Language

Ella C. 4(C) in Maths

Renz J. 5(B) in Maths

Andrei I. 4(C) in English Language

Harrison M. 5(B) in English Literature

Alex A. 4(C) in Maths

Darcy G. 7(A) in Maths

Tyler B. 4(C) in Maths

Best of luck for the future

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