What parents say...

“Joshua got his GCSE results today and I just wanted to let you know how he got on. He got an 8 in English Language and a 7 in English Literature, he has always struggled with English and wouldn’t of been able to achieve these amazing grades without yours and Adam’s help, if you could please let him know how Joshua done. So once again thank you for all the work you did with him.” Emily (parent) 2021
Emily EvansparentI Love to Learn Portsmouth
At the time of writing this testimonial, my daughter has had only 5 sessions and her confidence and ability has increased significantly!  (Now) she talks of enjoying maths and of her abilities in maths instead of her inabilities, participates more in maths lessons at school and is keen to do her maths homework, both from school and from the sessions.  As a parent I am thrilled that her confidence has grown significantly and would recommend I Love to Learn without hesitation.
S BondParentPortsmouth
I would like to thank you for everything that you have done, and also pass on my gratitude from Lottie because she has learnt she has really benefited from and her confidence in maths has vastly improve, so much so that she now tells me that she looks forward to maths class at school!
Charlotte's parents
We are so pleased that Mahera has got a FULL BURSARY for the local girl’s high school in Portsmouth.  She has been to your centre before for tuition but we came back in November so she could get ready for the exams.   She has worked so hard and Linda has really encouraged her in her writing!  Thanks so much!
Mahera's Mum
We brought him to the centre in Year 6 because he just had no idea about maths.  This year won the ‘Most Improved in Maths’ certificate for his year.  He also came top of his class in 2 out of 3 maths exams.  Coming to here is the best thing we ever did!
Mr S White
“Thanks for all your hard work with Rebecca Kivlin. She has started Milton Cross this week. Rebecca is in the top set for maths and science, and the second group for everything else. Without coming to Love to Learn she would never have achieved this.  Thanks”    
Julie Powell
Albie had been diagnosed with mild dyslexia and his reading age was around 2 years behind!  The standard in private school is often higher, so we were worried about the Entrance Exams.  Soon after he enrolled he started making rapid progress.  The school say he is now Level  5 in literacy and the teacher can see a lot of difference.  His reading age has shot up and the gaps in maths have been filled in and he has caught up amazingly quickly. It has definitely, definitely made a difference and I have recommended the centre to my friends.
Jilly (Albie’s Mum)
“Dear Howard Thank you so much for all these lessons you’ve been giving me!  They really have improved my work at school and now I can put all your help to good use with my SATs.  Thank you so much for everything! From Lewis”
Lewis (student)
Prezton has done really well and we are very proud of his achievement so thank you all again
Mrs A Laborde
I was told at school that Harrison had fallen about 2 years behind in reading, writing and spelling. Harrison took to it straight away.  He has made fantastic progress and is meeting all his targets.  He loves the points and prizes that he collects for working so he comes out buzzing after every session!
Mrs S McGee

Where Are They Now?

Having tutored children in Portsmouth since 2005, many of our students have gone on the better things.  Occasionally I notice on LinkedIn or Facebook what people are doing now.  I thought I would share a couple of stories:

Tom Malbon

Tom Malbon

Tom studied English with us over ten years ago.  He says “I would say that the tuition was a big help early on when I was struggling with grammar and spelling and helped me get on track to achieve in later years.”

He is currently in his second year studying BEng Hons Mechanical Engineering at Oxford Brookes University with the aim to achieve a career in Formula one. He is also an active part of the Aerodynamics department at Oxford Brookes Racing as they aim to participate in various Formula Student competitions across Europe.

Great to hear from you Tom!


Mary Amalathas

Mary also came to us for help with English and was always a very hard working student.  She recently  started her own Accountancy practice called ‘Accountants247 Portsmouth’ offering variousMary Accountancy services for sole traders, companies and contractors.  She says, “I have a team who help with some aspects of my work. Currently I am also providing interim Accountancy work for a corporate company.”

“Linda had helped me tremendously by going above and beyond in various aspects of preparation for my GCSEs, including a one-to-one for Science which was not even offered by the tuition centre at the time. The only regret is that I didn’t join ‘I love to learn’ any sooner. I can safely say that I got through some subjects like English Literature only because of Linda’s guidance and the techniques she taught me. I am forever grateful to her. Linda takes great care and attention with each child she teaches.”

Thank you both for your kind words!

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