What parents say...

She loves coming, and sees that it helps her at school.  Her scores are going up all the time and recently she got three class awards in three weeks, she says this is ‘Thanks to you.
Mrs C Walker
“Dear Howard Thank you so much for all these lessons you’ve been giving me!  They really have improved my work at school and now I can put all your help to good use with my SATs.  Thank you so much for everything! From Lewis”
Lewis (student)
Prezton has done really well and we are very proud of his achievement so thank you all again
Mrs A Laborde
winner “We had planned to stop the tutoring after the 11+ exam, but with the next lockdown and more disruption to her education, we quickly relented when she literally begged us to continue going! The sessions are adjusted to her needs and she describes them as ‘really fun’ and she likes it that the work is specific to her level and much more individualised than the class work at school.”
Penny Meeking
The way you teach is brilliant.  Kids really enjoyed working/learning with you.  Hope to be back next year.  Thank you once again
Mr & Mrs Renji
She is a quiet girl and I was concerned that her poor spelling was not being corrected.  When she saw the progress Bella was making in such a short time, I enrolled her for Maths as well!   It has transformed her thinking and she now has the self-esteem to ask questions in both numeracy and literacy.
Ms R Temple
“I Love to Learn really helped me prepare for my entrance exam.  I give I Love to Learn 10/10.  I Love to Learn helped me understand pie charts, algebra and story writing.  I enjoyed coming to I Love to Learn and would love to come back in the future.”
-Ollie, Student in Portsmouth
“Our children have enjoyed their time at your tuition centre very much, and my wife and I have been incredibly impressed with your professional approach to tuition. Thank you so much for all you have done in making our kids feel comfortable, cared for and safe.” Mr Usuanlele.
Mr UsuanleleParent
I would like to thank you for everything that you have done, and also pass on my gratitude from Lottie because she has learnt she has really benefited from and her confidence in maths has vastly improve, so much so that she now tells me that she looks forward to maths class at school!
Charlotte's parents
Maths is fun

“The GCSE Maths Tutors Are Great.”

T’anna came to us as her mum had seen us on Facebook and decided to call.  T’anna, now in year 10, had always struggled with her maths.   In four short months however, she has improved so much that, the school want to put her up for the Higher GCSE paper!!  Kerry, T’anna’s mum says ” She has come on leaps and bounds, I am so pleased with the progress. The tutors are great! It’s a convenient location and the assessment is easy to arrange.”

Kerry RobertsonParents

5 Top Reasons to Get a Tutor

  1. Confidence

The number one reason to get a tutor is to build a child’s confidence.  As we all know, anyone who loses confidence in their abilities often switches off and stops learning.  Maybe the teacher is moving too fast, or maybe it is a concept that they don’t get first time.  Alternatively, they may start getting things wrong which re-enforces a downward spiral.

When your child says ‘I can’t do maths,’ or ‘I hate writing,’ it might be a time to think about getting extra help.

  1. Frustration or Hating School

For whatever reason, some children’s frustration with learning leads to tears and anger.  Homework or classwork might be a problem.  If a child is finding it difficult to read for example, they are not going to be able to access most of the others subjects either.  If they are struggling in maths, they may not be able to do the homework that is given to the rest of the class.

Finding a good tutor who can diagnose the educational causes can solve a problem for the whole family.

  1. Moving House, School, Family Changes

Any change, even if it is for the better, is stressful.  An increase in stress will always reduce a child’s ability to learn for a period of time.  Therefore, changes such as moving house, country, school or family changes often lead to gaps forming in a child’s educational development.  If they happen to be essential building blocks, this can develop into a problems later on.

  1. Preparing for Big School

If pupils are behind, in any significant area, at the end of Primary it may be difficult to catch up at the Secondary level.  Transition from Primary to Secondary school is a major change in teaching styles.  In Primary Schools, pupils are all in one class, taught mostly by a single teacher.  Secondary school, although more stimulating, can lead to pupils forgetting or not practicing skills learned at the Primary level.  The challenge is greater, the number of teachers is greater, but therefore, so is the difficulty in catching up.

A tutor can help a child, either before Secondary School, or outside the Secondary classroom deal with these issues.

  1. Exam Preparation

Getting ready for exams is always a good time to get a little extra help.  11+ Common Entrance Assessments, SATs and GCSEs require a lot of extra work and are important milestones for our children’s future.  If parents and children want to do their best it is often worth investing in specialist help to give that boost in performance that may be needed.

Really experienced tutors will have helped many students through their exams and will be know what is required.


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